Man On The Street: Spring Break

By Nyx Siniard

This week for man on the street we talked to some students and teachers about what they are doing for spring break.

Some students are traveling:

“For spring break I’m going to Disney World!” sophomore, Leah Netherton said.

While some students are going farther than Florida.

Exchange student, Julius Treeger said, “For spring break I’m going to Hawaii.”

“For my spring break my cousin BooBoo and his two sons are taking me to South Carolina to see wrestling, I’m really excited for spring break!” junior, Gabrielle Unnderwood said.

Some students and teachers are not traveling, but are staying here in Brevard:

“For spring break, my fiance and I just bought a condo so we are going to be busy cleaning it out and moving stuff in!” Andrew Lindsey, science teacher, said.

“I’m probably going to putz around here in Western North Carolina, go do a little hiking maybe, go to Asheville some. Maybe go down to Charlotte for something, maybe Atlanta. I’m looking forward to it!” John Hogan, social studies teacher, said.


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