Music In Our Schools Month

By Lauren Wing

The past month of March was Music in Our Schools Month. Music in Our School’s Month, or MIOSM, is when music becomes the focus of education in schools.

MIOSM has been around since 1985. It started off as a single-day celebration in 1973 by the New York State School Music Association. Now the celebration has spread to schools all over.

Brevard High School has an astounding music program. Both the band and chorus recently competed at MPA, Music Performance Adjudication, and received great scores.

The chorus, who went to MPA on April 6, demonstrated mastery in sight reading and concert performance and received scores of superiors in both areas.

The band went to MPA on March 29 and they performed very well and received an excellent in concert.

Both the band and chorus ensembles work extremely hard every day to produce the highest quality performances they can. Now they are both working on music for their upcoming concerts.


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