Danish Host Experiences

By Nyx Siniard

On April 6th, the Danish students left. All of the Danish students stayed with hosts, which were people that housed the Danes. We talked to some of the hosts to learn about there experiences with the Danes and what they learned.

“I had Oliver at my house for the danish exchange program. It was great, we got along really well and I got to meet a lot of cool danish kids. Hopefully next year I get to go to Denmark and see them again!” said sophomore, Cullen Duval.

Apart from just they were really cool kids, their hosts did different activities with them.

“I had a lot of experiences with the Danes, we took them hiking and to Ingles and we saw waterfalls,” said junior, Hannah Dickson.

While they got to go hiking and see waterfalls, they got to many more activities.

“I hosted Ida, one of the Danes, it was a really cool experience and get know her different culture from America to Denmark. We got to hang out a lot and do different things like bowling, lizard tag, we had a bonfire one night. So it was just a great experience overall,” said junior, Loren Smith.


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