The Color Run at Brevard Elementary School

By: Beth DeMoss

The Brevard High School football team and cheerleaders went to Brevard Elementary School for their color run!

On Friday, April 28, Brevard Elementary School had a color run for the first and fifth graders. The football team and cheerleaders volunteered and got to spray the elementary school kids with the colors.

“To the little kids, the football players and cheerleaders at the high school are definitely like celebrities, so they were really excited when they saw us there.” said Lily Harris, cheerleader.

The football players and cheerleaders also got their own color run t-shirts and got to run in the color run with the kids.

“It was really fun and a good experience.” said Russel Sexton, football player.

Everyone who participated said it was a great experience and it was great to be able to hang out with the kids.

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