Student Council Shares School Spirit and Brings Unity to the Student Body

Brevard High School student council is an organization of students focused on drawing students together, sharing school spirit, and giving the student body a voice throughout the year.

“Student council helps better the school and shares school spirit,” said sophomore publicity director Jaclyn Neumann. “We put on events that make people want to be part of Brevard High.”

The student government involves and represents the student body in the events and decisions being made on campus. Their goal is to unite the student body and to get more students involved in events and activities happening around campus during the year, while also allowing them to voice their opinions and concerns.

“Student council is a place for the voice of students to be heard,” said freshman class president Isaac Simon. “People want to be heard, if we’re not heard, it’s not fun.”

In addition to providing the student body a voice, they get the student body involved in events happening around the school.

The council is responsible for planning and advertising many events throughout the year.

Our ultimate goal is, anything that student council does, we want the majority of students to be able to be involved,” said assistant principal Carrie Norris.

Although their main goal is working on and around Brevard High, the council also works to impact the community.

“The student council focuses primarily on the school community. The students involved in the council conduct service projects both inside and outside of the school,” said student council sponsor Andrew Lindsey. “The primary goal of student council is building a stronger student body.”

Members of the council are committed to bringing a sense of unity and belonging to the student body. They plan on bringing positive change to the school throughout the year.

 “I joined because I wanted to have a voice and be aware of what’s going on, while also bringing positive change,” Neumann said.


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