Winter Dance Details

by Cole Cox and Gabby DiLemme

Looking for a fun, mmusic-filled night after a stressful week of exams? Then come out to the Winter Formal! The dance will be a fantastic opportunity to have fun with friends and listen to great music after a few weeks of school stress.

The annual Winter Dance is being held on Saturday, January 27 from 7-11 p.m. in the Brevard High School cafeteria.  Student council members will be at the door taking tickets and coats starting at 7 p.m.  

Attendees are expected to wear formal clothing.  Guys have the option of wearing tuxedos, but a nice suit will suffice.  A local formal dress shop, Cinderella’s, has a clearance rack full of nice dresses.  Dillard’s is also a popular store that sells formal dresses, and the Dillard’s clearance center at the Asheville Outlet Malls has especially low prices.  Borrowing from friends is a fun way of finding dresses as well!

The dress code for the formal is as follows: Dresses must extend at least to the fingertips or beyond when arms are placed to the side; strapless dresses are allowed but no excessive cleavage; no dress should have an extreme plunging neckline; low backs on dresses must go no lower than halfway down the back; and midriff dresses with more than 2 inches of skin showing are not allowed.  If any student has questions concerning a dress’s acceptability, she can ask Katherine Reinhart.

Cookies, chips, candy, and sodas will be available at the dance.  Many people go out to dinner in a big group ahead of time.  Maya’s Grill and Sora’s are two popular restaurant options in town.

Tickets will continue to be sold during lunch A and B for $12 per person and $20 per couple.

A student council member will be at the door selling tickets for $15 per person and $25 per couple during the dance.

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