Student Council Benefits Community with Winter Days Program

by Gabrielle Smith and Ryland Cox

Christmas is the season for giving, so why not give to younger children in need?

That is what Brevard High’s Winter Days program is all about, giving back to the children and the community.

During the winter before the holidays, Brevard HIgh School puts together its own program where the high school students raise money for elementary school students who otherwise would not get any Christmas gifts. This program is called Winter Days and is designed by our own student council and leaders, Mary Browning and Andrew Lindsey.

The primary goal of Winter Days is to “help people who do not get a lot during that time of year, when it is a little bit tough on some families,” Lindsey said.

Winter Days was created so students, local businesses, and members of the community could donate Christmas gifts to children going to Brevard Elementary School whose families cannot purchase their own for any reason. Winter Days is very beneficial and student council plans to expand it to a larger number of high school and elementary students next year.

Winter Days is not only focused on the children at Brevard Elementary School. Once the money is collected it is then distributed to the children as well as to charities, such as Sharing House and local volunteer animal shelters. The money given to these shelters helps them to be able to purchase more food and be able to support more people inside and outside the community.

There is a monetary goal that each individual in student council is expected to raise, and that money is then taken to places such as Walmart or other stores to purchase gifts for the children. The members of student council use a variety of means to reach their goal, such as going from door to door and finding other ways to connect with the society and local businesses. The bigger the outreach, the bigger the reward.

This year student council reached 60 percent of its $2500 goal, totaling around $1500. $500 was taken from this amount and divided between five students at Brevard Elementary School. This money was used in gifting those children clothing, toys, and even school supplies. The rest of the money was split and donated to local charities around the town.

The main focus of this program is to make sure that all students and local charities, can enjoy Christmas and have a joyful, relaxed break. It also reaps plentiful benefits for the community as well. The teachers’ labor and effort into this program shows the students here at Brevard High School what Brevard needs and how much they can impact the community.

Interested students and community members can call Brevard High School to find more ways to contribute throughout the year at (828) 884-4103.

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