Students walk out at Brevard Highschool



by Tori Caroway and Cassie Bradley

There are National Walkouts happening, what is a walkout? What are they for?

Students and teachers are grabbing hold on the Gun Reform laws debate, because of what unfortunately occurred recently in schools. 

Students are taking action by walking out of school and standing up for what they believe in.

Junior Elizabeth Frank feels like this issue needs to be talked about more. “I feel like it should be touched on more, because like if you don’t tell people what’s going on, or how to deal with it than they aren’t going to freak out more about it.” said Frank  

Walk out of school in protest for gun reform laws and to speak about the school shootings, that have happened.  

This is in hopes to make a difference and show solidarity.

“To protest to gun violence and how it affects teenagers in schools every single day,” said Licht

Teachers are also getting involved to speak about safety in schools and gun reforms.

“I do plan on participating, on April 20th  it is my birthday so I’m going to take a personal day and it’s really important for all students and all adults to show their concerns on gun violence,” said Licht

April 20th students and teachers that chose to walk out. Students that decide to participate risk having in school suspension.

As the school sees this as a day, where students, are skipping school. Students participating in the walkout needs to bring a signed note or call a parent and have the parent write a note and bring it in. 


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