Denmark Exchange Program

By:  Georgia Alexander and Abigail Field

Denmark, a lovely place to travel. The Denmark Exchange Program is a fantastic opportunity to learn about a very diverse culture. Both Danish students coming to America and American students going to Denmark allows for a glimpse at a foreign culture. The students from Denmark will arrive on April first and will depart back home on April eleventh. Although some say ten days is enough, Esther Monahan quotes, “it gives you the gist of what Denmark is about, but doesn’t let you really see into the culture.”

American students learn more about Danish culture, language, and people. The Danish students get to see and compare routines, compare teenage habits or daily activities. The host families ran short in the community. Teachers tried to persuade Brevard High School students to host a Danish student for ten days and out of twenty-four foreign students, thirteen students at Brevard High are hosting, some hosting one or two. That leaves a few exchange students who do not have a host family, leaving them all to stay with Ms. Plum. Will this result in Brevard High School students having a difficult time finding housing in Denmark because people are not willing to open their doors to foreigners? This could lead to later conflicts. Despite these issues, this is the highest number of Danish students Brevard High School has seen since the program started in the year 1990.

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